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J.D. Signs Inc. was founded by James D. Wyant in 1973, when he recognized the need for a quality electrical sign company in the north central West Virginia. After four decades, Serving West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, J.D. Sign Inc. has grown and solidified its excellent reputation. J.D. Signs Inc. has evolved through continually improving customer service and expanding technologies that make           J.D. Signs Inc. a leader in design, manufacturing, and installation.

J.D. Signs is providing quality sign service to a great number of businesses in this region. If your business is taking delivery on a sign in need of installation or have a sign in need service or repair please give us a call. A large and growing facet of J.D. Signs is our maintenance service and crane facilities. During manufacturing, emphasis is placed on service easements. This not only makes the field technicians' job easier, but keeps cost down for clients after warranty expiration. Our company is ready to assist your sign/monument repair projects. J.D. Signs is committed to meeting today's needs with qualified service profession

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J.D. Signs, Inc. offers design and manufacturing to installation and service, we are a full service sign company. JD Signs prides itself on being a service-oriented company and we are willing to tackle any project that helps your company grow. Everything we do is designed to help you make the best impression... J.D. Signs Inc has been serving West Virginia since 1973

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