Monument Signs

monument signs Massive yet classic, monument signs appear to sit directly on the ground or on a base. As a cost-effective alternative to masonry, they can be mounted to a low pole with a brick or stone veneer pole cover, or painted aluminum cladding. Monument signs are typically used to identify a business or facility – or its entrance

Channel Letters

A channel letter is fabricated or formed three-dimensional letter that may accommodate a light source. For many years, NEON was the typical light source, but the last few years have seen a switch to more energy efficient L.E.D. (light-emitting diodes)

Post & Panel Signs

Post and Panel signs are versatile and efficient, clearly stating your brand, artwork, logo and/or marketing message. Another common use for this sign type is the direction of traffic through your campus or large facility with a Post and Panel wayfinding or directional sign. There are endless options for design, colors and styles, as well as many choices in post configuration. From simple and classic to creative,

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs, also referred to as box signs, are durable and h3 for outdoor mounting, featuring a translucent face(s) that can be non-illuminated or internally illuminated. Cabinet signage boasts easy maintenance and allows your business to have a new face manufactured for the permanent cabinet when you are ready to update, upgrade or change styles. These simple, versatile and cost-effective signs are one of the most popular solutions for business signage needs.

Interior Signage

interior signage you need to direct your visitors through your building. We specialize in creating custom interior signs based on your unique needs, whether you require lobby signs, interior way-finding, or room identification. These on-premise signs show visitors how to get to their destination, and identify different businesses within a large office building.

"A Business with No Sign is a Sign of No Business!"

Canopy & Awnings ​

An awning is a shelter constructed of non-rigid materials on a supporting framework which projects from and is supported by the exterior wall of a building. An awning may or may not be illuminated and/or decorated with graphics to serve as a sign.

Banners & Site Signage​

Banners are used to announce grand openings, make special announcements and communicate events. No banner project is too large or too complex for Service Neon Signs.

Typically, Architectural signage utilizes a variety of extreme custom elements. This type of signage is an integral part of the overall building design / identification.

Sign Design

Sign Manufacturing

Sign Installation

Sign Maintenance

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Pylon Signs

Pylon signs may be freestanding, but these small to massive structures help your business to stand out among the hundreds around it. Single pole, double pole, with or without pole cover


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